Fort Pownal

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Fort Pownal Historic Memorial Site celebrates it's 250th anniversary from when it was built in 1759

Although Fort Pownal never saw military action it was a presence in the area that allowed for settlement, trade and growth. By 1775 hundreds of families had settled throughout the Penobscot Bay and Bangor areas.


Celebration At Fort Point July 18 & 19th


Timeline1759 - Pownal's expedition to the Penobscot; construction of Fort Pownal. Col. Jedidiah Preble, fort Commander.

1768- Col Thomas Goldthwaite, Commander.

1775 - British sailors remove the fort's guns. Maine Militia burn blockhouse and fill in earthworks.

1779 - Battle of Castine. Fort used by Americans as a field hospital.

1836 - 10 acres on point including the fort remains taken by eminent domain to build a lighthouse

1859- Centennial Celebration. Over 8,000 in attendance.

1872- Fort Point Hotel built 150' NW of fort earthworks.

1898 - Hotel destroyed by fire.

1916 - Memorial marker placed by DAR.

1957 - Fort site becomes a State memorial.

1961 - 65 -Archaeological excavation.

1973 - Fort Point State Park built.

1989 - State of Maine leases lighthouse property as part of park.

1998 - State of Maine receives deed to lighthouse property.