The Fort

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The only record of the fort's style and construction is a plan drawn by an unknown artist (rendered below) that includes such detail that it was likely drawn by someone who had knowledge of the fort.

Revolutionary War veteran Joesph P. Martin never saw the fort, but in 1828 he recorded a description apparently passed on to him by someone who had been there.

It was a regular fortification, four square flankers, with a block house in the centre. It was surrounded by a ditch 15 feet wide at the top and five feet at the bottom, and probably 8 feet deep. The outer side of the ditch was 240 feet, and the brest[works] within the ditch 90 feet. A block-house was erected within the Fort 44 feet square with flankers 33 feet on the side... The block-house was of square timber, dovetailed at the corners. It was of two very high stories--the lower story used as a barraks; the upper story jutted over the lower 2-1/2 or three feet. .. In this room were 10 or 12 cannon. The roof was hipped, with a centry box on the top. The houses of the officers were situated between the fort and the bank of the river.

Sketch by Joseph Plumb Martin


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